Exchange / Erasmus Program

Coordinator: Assoc. Prof. Damla EROĞLU PALA, 

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Incoming Students:

The number of foreign students who have participated in our department’s undergraduate program via Erasmus and Exchange programs is 14. Some recent statistics are given below:

2013/2014 Fall + Spring Semesters

Exchange Program – 1 student

Erasmus Program – 1 student

2012/2013 Fall + Spring Semesters

Exchange Program – 4 students

Erasmus Program – 1 students

Special Student Program - 2 students

Outgoing Students:

More than 30 of our students have participated in Erasmus and Exchange programs and have experienced undergraduate education in Europe and in US. The list of universities to which BU Chemical Engineering Students can participate in via Erasmus and Exchange programs are give below:

The list of universities  

For detailed information regarding the list and web-pages of the universities having Erasmus and Exchange agreements with Bogazici University, terms and conditions for application to Erasmus and Exchange programs (both for incoming and outgoing students) and application schedule, please visit the following.

Erasmus+ Partners

Global Exchange Partners

For further information, please visit the web-site of the Office of International Relations.