Seminar by Prof. Eugenia Corvera Poiré (9 December 2019 at 5pm)

Seminar by Prof. Eugenia Corvera Poiré

Date: 9 December 2019 at 5pm

Room: North Campus, KB 428


Pulsatile Flows in Microfluidics and Beyond

We start with an introduction of the concept of dynamic permeability, which is a response function to a dynamic pressure gradient and is a measurement of the resistance to flow.

We present an overview of what has been done, using fluid dynamics, in the field of microfluidics by our group.

We present experimental results that confirm resonant behavior in microfluidics.

We then introduce a phase field model to study the pulsatile dynamics between two immiscible fluids in a microchannel and show that the cooperation between wetting and inertia causes an enhancement of the imbibition process.

We end up with a description of how our theories have been extended to nanotubes.

Eugenia Corvera Poiré

Eugenia is a Professor at UNAM, the National Autonomus University of Mexico, in Mexico City. She did her undergraduate physics studies in Mexico. She did her graduate studies in Montreal Canada, at McGill University: a MSc degree in Biophysics and a PhD in Theoretical Physics. Her areas of interest are: the physics of pulsatile flow and its applications to medicine and technology, interfacial dynamics, and the arterial system.



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05 December 2019